Clubs, Weddings, Events it's all the same

Don't be fooled by other 1 trick pony DJs, a great DJ should be able to get any crowd up and having a great time.

That said, here's my philosophy for my DJing:

  1. Be Genuine - Special events should be fun.  I genuinely love playing music that makes people dance, jump, and laugh.
  2. Be Talented - A chef can own cooking utensils and still cook horrible.  I bring over 10 years of mixing, scratching, and party rocking to every event.
  3. No Cheese - I'm DJing a special event in your life...not a skating rink.  Professional, fun, and energetic are the goals, not hokey.
  4. Be Original - Every party & wedding are different.  I work with clients on designing their events from scratch every time

Bottom line your event should be awesome.  If a quality DJ does their job right, everyone won't want the night to end and you'll have people talking about your event for days!